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Authorized Climber Cell Tower Training Certification

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The Authorized Climber Cell Tower Training  Certification of Completion course is designed to include the OSHA required training listed Authorized Climberon the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR’s 1910 and 1926) related to work at a wireless communication site. Specific areas addressed include site hazard assessment, mandated safety meetings, American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z359, Z490), Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS), and fall restraint techniques, fixed ladder usage, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and emergency contingency planning (including rescue techniques).

Tower Safety and Instruction  and the Cell Tower ‘ Authorized Climber’ and tower safety rescue training is designed to provide the student with information and experience to assure safety when working at a tower site, it’s also structured to assure meaningful, well-remembered lessons and make us a part of your cell tower team.

Tower Safety & Instruction objectives are always “PROTECT THE TOWER WORKER
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Authorized Climber Training Classroom Learning Objectives
  • Policies, OSHA, ASME, ANSI, TIA regulations-Fall Protection
  • Anchorages,Connectors,Snap Hooks and D-Rings
  • Identify, Inspect, and Perform safety administration
  • Understand the use of Lanyards,Life Lines,Roper Grabs, and Ladder Climbing Systems Knots & Hitches, Rigging
  • Learning Rescue for the cell tower industry
  • Develop Rescue and Pre- Climb checklists
Structure Types and Hardware
  • Learn about Monopole, Guyed, and Lattice Cell Towers
  • Wireless Hazards
  • Rescue plan
  • Employee Responsibilities
Climbing Techniques
  • Maintain 100% – 2 points of contact, learn ascent, descent and industry climbing practices
  • Tips for avoiding injury
Tower/Self Rescue
  • Procedures
  • Equipment
  • Suspension trauma: basic treatment
Field Training
  • Environmental and Structure Hazards
  • Equipment inspections
Tower Climbing
  • Proper techniques/100% tie off – 2 points of contact
Victim Rescue
  • Use of rescue services and fall protection systems to minimize rescue needs.
tower safety and rescue authorized climber

Tower Safety Authorized Climber Course

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Kathy Gill founded Tower Safety & Instruction in 2013, having years of direct experience in the industry. Kathy served as the Safety Director in the wireless industry and a outside plant installer for AT&T/Lucent. An experience in which lead her to believed she could start making small changes in the industry, one student at a time. read more

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