The Mindset of a Rescue

Rules for Rescuing- The Mindset of Rescue with Russ Dodge Evaluate Communicate Perform necessary First AID Position yourself close to the survivor Configure the lifeline properly with the descent devices Verify and Verify again all attachments before disconnecting Descend yourself or the survivor slowly and safely to the ground

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Tower Safety and Rescue Video

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Tower safety and rescue training video, to help save lives and have the courage to learn and the confidence to rescue at Identify, evaluate and eliminate (or control) fall hazards through planning Training of personnel exposed to fall hazards Understand installation and use of fall protection and rescue system

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Tower Rescue Certification Is No Accident

tower rescue

We just released our new tower safety and rescue video! The video illustrates the importance of safety and how it can save lives. We all know that being prepared and having the right mindset is critical, so we’re excited to share this information with everyone to showcase how important tower

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For the Love of Ropes or….Knot!


    AHS RESCUE The importance of understanding how to make a knot and knowing the significance of ropes in human history goes back to at least 3500 BC.  During prehistoric times ropes were used for hunting, pulling, lifting, carrying, and climbing.  They are an essential part of everyday

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Tower Climbing – The Rule of 3

rule of 3

An OSHA investigation into the causes of tower deaths revealed that many of these incidents occur in the following ways: transitioning from a safety climb on a tower, traversing around the tower, or ascending the tower. These actions present a similar mistake that is seen when men and women do

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1926.759(a) Securing loose items aloft. All materials, equipment, and tools, which are not in use while aloft, shall be secured against accidental displacement. 1926.759(b) Protection from falling objects other than materials being hoisted. The controlling contractor shall bar other construction processes below steel erection unless overhead protection for the employees below is

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