Tower Hands… Minus One Finger

Tower hands

It is a frequent image in our Tower Safety classes throughout the years of students missing a finger or serious hand injuries.  In one incident a climber was rigging at 300’. The equipment was being lifted into place by a crane and his right pinky finger was crushed, forever dislocated

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Is Quality the Real Safety Problem?


Quality standards should be an integral part of safety planning. It takes management commitment, employee involvement, training, and communication to be effective.  It was previously determined that barriers to safety were cost associated with training and enforcement, and barriers to quality were due to the lack of skilled workers. However,

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It’s Been a Busy Month for Tower Safety

It’s Been a Busy Month for Tower Safety and Instruction

While many businesses take the holiday season to slow down and catch their breath, we seem to be busier than ever!  With so much going on, we just had to share! It’s been a busy month for Tower Safety and Instruction. New Video Series Launching Soon For the past few

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