Tower Safety’s Kathy Gill in

Inside Towers

We’re thrilled to once again be featured in Inside Towers! The article, “A Tower Owner Faces a Drug-Related Catastrophe and Bankruptcy” illustrates a problem in the industry that is too familiar. In the article, Gill talks about the serious issue of drug abuse and how she saw firsthand the impact

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Tower Dogs and Their Climbers

tower dogs

While working in the cell tower industry for a while, you start to see something in common with these tough men and women who work endless hours, hang for forever, drink, smoke, and probably a few more unmentionables, but they have 1 thing in common – their love for animals!

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WRAT – Breaking the Paradigm for Tower Climbing


The Wireless Rope Access Technician (WRAT) was developed to help the climber add more tools to his safety toolbox and assist with problem solving for various climbing situations.  In 2017 the #1 most cited violation was OSHA 1926.501 for Fall Protection and # 9 was Fall Protection training requirements (29 CFR

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Every Tower Crew Should Have a Drone as Part of Their PPE

Drone training

Tower Safety and Unmanned Experts have worked together to create the first course in the telecom industry to support the tower crews with hands-on drone flight and safety training.  We have developed the best practices necessary to operate drones safely and efficiently in the telecommunications environment. Our Competent Drone Pilot

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