Introducing Wireless Rope Access Technician (WRAT)


Tower Safety and Instruction is the first to introduce the WRAT (Wireless Rope Access Technician) program.  We have combined the expertise and experience of our Wireless and Sprat Level 3 instructors to create a unique program combining the skills of two industries into one.  The expertise of our trainers allows us

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Willful Blindness

willful blindness

As a safety professional, I am always trying to find new ways to stress the importance of “safety”.  It’s one of those over used words and many times we ignore it at work, we forget about it at home, and we think it should happen “naturally’, but it doesn’t! The

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Ham Operators and Fall Protection

fall protection

The “amateur” in Amateur Radio (AKA “ham” radio) is used to specify persons interested in radio solely for personal use.  The FCC distinguishes it from other radio operations by stipulating that the use of amateur radio frequencies is limited to non-commercial communication. Most of the population, if they’ve even heard

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Welding on Towers and the required PPE

welding on towers

Everyone should be 100% tied off, but what if you are about to perform an arc weld with temperatures from 5,000 to 20,000 degrees at 100 feet high and 110 degrees outside? Welding on towers is not a job that can be learned in a couple of weeks and it

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Safety is ALWAYS First

As the owner of a tower safety company, I am always wanting to look out for favorite person: my customer! They are the student, the contractor, and corporations. Tower Safety strives to enforce crucial safety behavior, but can only do so much without the help of everyone involved. Safety has

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