It’s Been a Busy Month for Tower Safety and Instruction

While many businesses take the holiday season to slow down and catch their breath, we seem to be busier than ever!  With so much going on, we just had to share! It’s been a busy month for Tower Safety and Instruction.

New Video Series Launching Soon

For the past few months, we’ve been working hard to put together a very cool video series, and we’re THIS close to finally completing it!  We don’t want to reveal the content just yet, but rest assured it’s going to be awesome and will showcase content that many will find very helpful! We saw the need for these kinds of instructional videos and can’t wait to reveal them to everyone so stay tuned!

We’re Launching a New Tower Safety Education and Training Committee

It’s no secret that safety in the tower climbing industry is critical. We saw the need to create a resource to better promote safety and educate others in the industry. We’ll soon be launching our Tower Safety Education and Training Committee (TSET). This will be for the contractors to keep Tower Safety and our trainers accountable. Details about this new committee coming soon.

Our Work with DOD

We recently conducted training in Nags Head, North Carolina, working with great DOD contractors. While we can’t exactly spill the beans on what our training entailed, let’s just say everyone was VERY pleased with the outcome!

Introducing our Industry Spotlight Series

If you follow our blog (and you should!) you saw our inaugural blog post to start our Industry Spotlight Series. What exactly is it? We realized that while we work hard to train people to be the very best in the industry, we don’t showcase those folks or other professionals in the industry after their education is complete. Isn’t that a shame?  We thought so too, so we launched an industry spotlight series to occasionally highlight industry professionals and learn from their wisdom and experience.

Whew!  See what I mean?  We’ve been busy, busy, busy with even more to come. Follow us on our social channels and watch our onsite blog to keep up. Here’s to a happy (and busy) holiday season!