Electronics Research, Inc.

Kathryn StielerAt Tower Safety and Instruction, we work hard to train individuals to go out and be successful in the telecom industry. We offer different types of courses and certifications, and even help match employers with possible job candidates. Still we don’t always get to hear about when someone in our industry really excels, so we’re thrilled to have met Kathryn Stieler during a recent trip to Washington. After chatting with her, we knew she was the ideal person to kick off our industry spotlight series. We’re thrilled to highlight a successful woman in a male-dominant field like telecom!

Kathy Stieler is the Director at ERI Installations and Safety. She specializes in safety and training and is a tower specialty contractor. She’s served as adjunct professor at Ivy Tech Community College where she taught construction safety and risk management and before that, was president of Reddinger Constructors, Inc., a small specialty electrical contractor located in Evansville, Indiana. Her safety program was honored most every year by the ABC in Indianapolis for outstanding safety performance.  She is also a member of the ANSI 10.48, 10.9,10.33, 10.44, and assists with TIA working group meetings.  Kathy’s dedication to helping the tower industry is impressive and her ways of getting the message across is direct, humorous, and well meaning.  Of all the amazing attributes of Kathy, the one that stood out the most is her love for horses and the dedication she has for her family and beautiful grandchildren!