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Tower Climbing – The Rule of 3

An OSHA investigation into the causes of tower deaths revealed that many of these incidents occur in the following ways: transitioning from a safety climb on a tower, traversing around the tower, or ascending the tower. These actions present a similar mistake that is seen when men and women do not tie off with a fall arrest and fall restraint….


1926.759(a) Securing loose items aloft. All materials, equipment, and tools, which are not in use while aloft, shall be secured against accidental displacement. 1926.759(b) Protection from falling objects other than materials being hoisted. The controlling contractor shall bar other construction processes below steel erection unless overhead protection for the employees below is provided. On a clear, sunny day in May, a crew…

Tower Hands… Minus One Finger

It is a frequent image in our Tower Safety classes throughout the years of students missing a finger or serious hand injuries.  In one incident a climber was rigging at 300’. The equipment was being lifted into place by a crane and his right pinky finger was crushed, forever dislocated and will always have long-term arthritis.  Another student was lifting…