Rope and Rigging Access Technician

Tower Safety offers RRAT ( Rope N Rigging Access Technician) course. It is a 3 day course specializing in the following:
  • Mechanical Advantages
  • Forces
  • Anchorages
  • Knots, Bends, and Hitches
  • Rope knowledge
  • Rope Skills
The expertise of our trainers allows us to offer and adapt these specialized skills for the working athlete needing extra set of skill sets for rope access and rigging for rope access  RRAT effectively educates the worker  with clean, efficient rigging with MA’s, knots and understand the forces put on a system.

Tower Safety works closely with industry leader

AHS Rescue 800-964-1673

Arizona Hiking Shack


AHS Rescue trains and assists with DPS, Search & Rescue, Wildland Firefighters, Power  & Utility, Phoenix and Tempe and local Fire Depts.  Kathy Gill and Tower Safety ability to work closely with Dale Stewart, the owner and trainer of AHS Rescue, gives us the opportunity to learn new equipment various industries are using and how we can apply them to our working environment.  At Tower Safety there is an overall appreciation for all businesses and employees that work at heights.

Our RRAT program combines our team of trainers who are skilled on rope, rescue, mechanical advantages and forces.  This extensive knowledge and background of each member, helps educate the climber.

We at Tower Safety know it takes a team to make the best of the industry better. Email us at to learn more about RRAT!

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