tower dogs

While working in the cell tower industry for a while, you start to see something in common with these tough men and women who work endless hours, hang for forever, drink, smoke, and probably a few more unmentionables, but they have 1 thing in common – their love for animals! Tower Dogs!

Tower dogYes, climbers love animals! I have seen numerous Facebook photos of these tattooed, bearded road warriors stop and save abandoned kittens, put fallen baby birds back in their nests, rescue lost dogs and most of ALL!  Travel with their best friend, most loyal supporter and companion a climber could have – their TOWER DOG!tower puppy

Recently on a training trip to Mississippi, I met Suzi, she travels with “High Rigger”, the cutest Jack Russell, BJ travels with Buttercup, a bulldog and is the company wingman or is it Foreman? David “Gunny” Harrison just befriended a kitten, and probably should change the group name to “Tower Kats & Dawgs”, just say’n Dave ? Gabe doesn’t go anywhere without his Pitbull, who has a heart bigger than Texas!  These men and women have created another crew member we don’t give enough credit too and probably should and begin a Tower Dog class teaching them rescue, 100% tie off, and most importantly… keep us safe and loved!

Please enjoy some of the photos of our beloved Tower Crews – June 8th is now the recognized date for Tower Dogs… and Cats… and Birds… and all loved Tower Animals!  Mark your calendars!