We’re excited to announce a new and improved drone class now being offered! The “Drone Wireless Cell Tower Course” will offer students the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the wireless cell tower inspection business, providing the skills needed to break into the cell tower industry as using drone inspections for cell towers continues to grow in demand. Check out the details below to learn more.

What is the course about?

This new course covers the importance of safety in the wireless cell tower industry, providing information to garner a basic understanding of what a cell tower inspection is and how to conduct one, and will dive into other cell tower industry topics critical to working in the cell tower industry.

What kind of topics are covered?

Using a drone for cell tower inspections requires knowledge of both drone operation and the cell tower industry. This course is a “BYOD” (bring your own drone) so basic drone operation knowledge is required prior to enrolling in the class. The class itself will cover topics such as:

  • Safety Compliance with OSHA/FCC Rules & Regulations for Tower Work
  • Tower Inspection Introduction Guidelines (structures, appurtenances and cell tower audits)
  • Frequency spectrum (RF) Basics
  • Insurance/Liabilities

Students will also get information on cell tower site owners to help in entering the cell tower industry.

What’s the class format?

This is a classroom-based course, no materials needed along with group discussions.  You bring your drone (“BYOD”)! Classes are offered 8:00am – 5:00PM Monday through Saturday (Sunday’s upon request).

Why get certified through Tower Safety & Instruction?

Tower Safety & Instruction is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for the protection of our most vital resource – our students.  Our line is “No training assignment will be performed in an unsafe manner”.  Towers are classified as elevated structures as defined by OSHA and all personnel engaging in construction, maintenance, repair or inspection shall use fall protection when working on any tower.  Safety precautions also include the use of appropriate protective clothing to include the wearing of safety helmets, safety footwear, eye protection, and protective clothing to protect personnel from injury while in the vicinity of a tower.

Ready to learn more about using drones for cell tower inspections?  Get more info at https://towersafety.com/towercertifications/drone-inspection/.