Train the Trainer

Cell Tower Rescuer – Train the Trainer Course

After Successful completion of the Authorized Climber on Day 1 and Competent Cell Tower Climber & Cell Tower Rescue Courses on Day 2 , the 3rd day is the final day of the Train the Trainer Certification Course. The main objective of Train the Trainer Certification is to develop and maintain tower climbers who are capable of performing rescues and tower safety protocol.

  1. Cell Tower Site Inspections:
    • Recognized hazards: Electrical, RF Awareness/EM radiation, and cell tower structural hazards.
  2. Train the Trainer Training Aids\Power Points\Rules and Regulations
  3. Tower Climber Equipment Inspection
    • Personal equipment vs. company equipment
    • Life safety equipment vs. utility equipment
    • Use of Rescue Systems
  4. Developing a Cell Tower Site Safety Plan
    • How to plan for  Rescue Emergencies
    • Understanding the need to continue to study and apply knowledge to maintain safety and quality





Students will be conducting a training session with the Tower Safety Trainer for demonstration in competency in rescue and teaching.


Students must have a current Authorized Climber and and minimum six (6) months in the wireless cell tower industry.
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