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Tower Safety: Minding the Tower Climber Mind

Kathy Gill has telecom in her blood. She is the second generation of her family to work in the business and got her start at 18 years old. Years later, Gill started a wireless construction company and noticed many climbers had insufficient training. “I was compelled to change that and provide quality training to keep climbers safe.” Fast forward, Gill,…


First US tower climbing competition, hosted by Tower Safety. JANUARY 20 2021 Many industries and trades have annual competitions to highlight the speed and skill of workers: lineman, masonry, rope access, tree climbing and more. During a warm December weekend the first tower competition, TRx Challenge, was held in Phoenix, AZ. This monumental two-day event was hosted by Tower Safety….

Rigging with a Prusik_Tower Safety

  Mind your Prusik!!!! The Prusik hitch has been around since 1931 when Dr. Karl Prusik created it while mountaineering in Austria. It is a hitch secured to a tight line and will slide when not weighted on a tight rope but jams solidly upon loading. It is recommended to use 2-3mm diameter less than that of the rope size…