NWSA ( National Wireless Safety Alliance) TTT1 and TTT2  Practical Exams  and online prep course.

NWSA Telecom Tower Technician Practical Exams

NWSA has two levels of testing for crew members who perform general construction activities with an emphasis on tower system installation, modification, maintenance, and inspection of support structures used in telecommunications.
These two levels were defined as:
  • Telecommunications Tower Technician 1: An individual who can safely perform tasks on telecommunication sites under direct supervision.
  • Telecommunications Tower Technician 2: An individual who can safely perform tasks on telecommunication sites and is capable of supervision of TTT-1 technicians and trainees.
For additional information on the certification please review the Candidate Handbook.

NWSA Prep Course

The NWSA prep course is designed to help candidates to become familiar with the content of the NWSA TTT-1 computer based test as well as the practical exam. Students in the prep course with be give a practice test and will review content provided as study material for the exams.

NWSA Online Prep Course – 150.00

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Telecommunications Tower Technician 1 Practical Exam or Prep Course

Telecommunications Tower Technician 2 Practical Exam or Prep Course

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The following are a requirement for the Telecommunications Tower Technician:

1) OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)-Telecommunications Tower Technician:
The OSHA 10-Hour Construction course is designed to help broaden the worker and employer knowledge on the recognition, avoidance, and prevention of safety and health hazards in their workplaces.
2) American Red Cross  and ASHI First Aid/CPR- Telecommunication Tower Technician:
First Aid/CPR is a standard requirement for a Cell Tower worker, no prior job, skills, or educational experience necessary to apply for the First Aid/CPR course.  The Certificate of Completion in First Aid/CPR is good for 2 years after issue date.