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About Us Tower Safety :

Kathy Gill and Tower Safety courses have instructors with extensive knowledge in rigging, climbing, rescue, and installation.  We have trainers with over 40 years of industrial, fire, and mountain rescue rescue and rigging experience. Tower Safety offer the best of all the rope access, industrial steel, and confined space training.

Tower Safety and Rescue training courses prioritize quality and instill trust in equipment, rigging techniques, and the importance of accountability.

Tower Safety[registered symbol] boasts state-of-the-art training facilities, including a 60-foot self-supporting training tower, a 25-foot self-supporting training tower, a 16-foot indoor self-supporting training tower, and a 70-foot monopole training tower, all located in Phoenix, AZ. These facilities are available for contractors to practice fall protection, rigging, and address any safety concerns pertaining to their cell tower workers. We are committed to providing a safe and conducive environment for hands-on training and skill development.

Tower Safety Training

Prepare, Plan, and Practice

Call Tower Safety™ and Rescue at 480-313-0678/602-900-7668 or email: [email protected]

  1. Located at 3212 S. 36th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040, Tower Safety offers a comprehensive range of training programs, including:

    1. RF Awareness
    2. OSHA 10 and OSHA 30
    3. ANSI 10.48 Competent Rigger
    4. ASHI First Aid/CPR
    5. Authorized Climber
    6. Competent Climber
    7. Competent Rescuer Training
    8. Train the Trainer for Rigging and Climbing
    9. SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) certification

    These programs are designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for safe and efficient operations in the telecommunications industry. If you’re interested in any of these training courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to schedule your training session.

Tower Safety Cell Tower Rescue and Cell Tower Instruction Courses
Kathy Gill,#towersafety, tower Safety training

Kathy Gill established Tower Safety in 2013, drawing upon her extensive industry experience. With a background as a Safety Director in the wireless sector and as an outside plant installer for AT&T/Lucent, Kathy recognized the need for improved safety practices within the industry. Her firsthand experience in the field, coupled with interactions with employees, highlighted the critical importance of fostering a safety-centric mindset.

Kathy’s vision for Tower Safety is to effect positive change in the industry, one student at a time. She believes that by instilling a deep understanding of why safety is paramount in the perilous environment of cell towers, preventable accidents can be minimized or avoided altogether. Kathy and her team are dedicated to providing an educational platform that not only imparts technical knowledge but also emphasizes the intrinsic value of safety in every aspect of the job.


Tower Safety Training and Rescue courses




              Kathy Gill,@towersafety, tower Safety trainingTower Safety                      Kathy Gill,@towersafety, tower Safety training