Tower Safety understands Safety Training is one of the most valuable services provided by Tower Safety and is only available to employers only.

Tower Safety Training

Tower Safety Training courses, Competent Rigging, and OSHA 1926/ANSI z359, ANSI z490, and ANSI 10.48

We partner with employers to provide career workshops, job fairs, and of course job opportunities, all of which are announced at. Individuals may post resumes and apply for jobs posted by employers within the United States and Internationally.

The student will enter the workplace with confidence and will make a smooth transition from student into working wireless cell tower professional.

* A career in the wireless industry may have hiring guidelines. In some cases these rules may be laws or regulations of agencies overseeing the actual employer.

* If you have a criminal history, or a history of drug use, it may prevent you from employment.

Tower Safety and cell tower Rescue courses