Ropes N Rigging Access Technician RRAT

Tower SafetyOur RRAT (Ropes N Rigging Access Technician) course is a comprehensive 2-day training program specializing in the following areas:

1. Rope Access Techniques: Mastery of safe and efficient methods for accessing elevated work areas using ropes.

2. Rigging Principles: In-depth understanding of rigging fundamentals, including equipment selection, knot tying, and load management.

3. Mechanical Advantage Systems: Proficiency in setting up and utilizing Mechanical Advantage systems to increase efficiency and safety in rigging operations.

4. Hazard Identification and Mitigation: Recognition and mitigation of potential hazards associated with rope access and rigging work.

5. Hands-on Practice: Practical exercises and simulations to reinforce learning and enhance skill proficiency.

6. Safety Protocols: Adherence to safety protocols and best practices to ensure a secure working environment for all personnel involved.

By completing our RRAT Ropes N Rigging course, participants will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in rope access and rigging operations while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Our trainers possess exceptional expertise, enabling us to provide and tailor specialized skills for working athletes requiring an additional set of capabilities for rope access and rigging. Our RRAT (Ropes N Rigging Access Technician) program is designed to effectively educate workers on clean, efficient rigging techniques, including Mechanical Advantages (MAs), knots, and understanding the forces exerted on a system. With our comprehensive training, participants will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in rope access and rigging operations.

The RRAT (Ropes N Rigging Access Technician) Book is now available for purchase on Amazon. This comprehensive resource provides essential guidance and knowledge for individuals interested in mastering rope access and rigging techniques. Get your copy today to enhance your skills and expertise in this critical field.

RRAT Available on Amazon

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