RF Awareness

Tower Safety™ Radio Frequency Awareness, RF Safety Awareness Training and Certification for the Cell Tower Worker

Tower Safety™ We take pride in providing Radio Frequency (RF) Awareness training, also referred to as EME Training. Our courses are led by experienced and technically proficient instructors who possess the expertise to address inquiries concerning Radio Frequency Health and Safety issues. Each training program we offer is meticulously designed to meet or surpass all essential requirements, guaranteeing compliance with OSHA regulations. Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality RF Awareness safety training, emphasizing the significance of comprehending and effectively managing risks associated with radio frequency in the workplace.

Reasons for RF Awareness training:

  • Carriers and Tower Owners will not permit your crews on site
  • OSHA requires a comprehensive RF program
  • FCC requires training on a communication site

Our RF Awareness course is not only OSHA compliant but also aligns with the RF safety training requirements established by major carriers and contracting organizations. This certification is highly sought after within the industry, reflecting the quality and relevance of the training provided. We invite you to review the information below to gain a deeper understanding of the course and its benefits. Your commitment to RF safety is crucial, and our course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and certification needed to meet industry standards and excel in your role.

Tower Safety™ is pleased to furnish all RF Safety Awareness training materials for participants. To facilitate effective learning, we recommend limiting group sizes to no more than 20 students, allowing for intensive training and personalized attention. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certification that is valid for 2 years. We encourage you to join a community of like-minded individuals, eager to enhance their knowledge and skills, and earn your RF Safety Awareness certification with us!
Course Objectives
  • Understanding of the potential health effects of exposure to RF hazards
  • Understanding of the relevant limits and standards of Radio Frequency
  • Awareness of safe working procedures at RF transmitter sites
  • Ability to identify potential RF hazards on site
  • Understand the concepts of Radio Frequency
  • Correct use of PPE in the form of a RF personal monitor and RF suits
  • Understanding the standards to OSHA, IEEE, and FCC
  • History of Wireless and Radio Frequency

Tower Safety™ Radio Frequency Awareness, RF Safety Awareness -Certification for the Cell Tower Worker

Tower Safety™ offers the Radio Frequency (RF) Awareness course, also known as RF Safety Awareness or RF Safety Monitor training. Led by knowledgeable and technical instructors, the course addresses questions related to Radio Frequency Health and Safety issues. All our courses are designed to meet or surpass OSHA compliance requirements, demonstrating our commitment to RF Awareness safety training.

There are compelling reasons for RF Awareness training:

1. Site Access Requirements: Some Carriers and Turf contractors may not allow your crews on-site without proper RF Awareness training, making it essential for compliance and project participation.

2. OSHA Compliance: OSHA mandates a comprehensive RF program for workers exposed to radiofrequency hazards, underscoring the importance of RF Awareness training in ensuring a safe work environment.

3. FCC Regulations: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires training for individuals working on communication sites, emphasizing the need for RF Awareness training to adhere to regulatory standards.

By undergoing RF Awareness training, you not only meet regulatory obligations but also enhance the safety and competence of your teams in dealing with radiofrequency hazards.

This RF Awareness course also meets the RF safety training requirements for major carriers and contracting organizations. This is a highly sought after certification course; we encourage you to read the below information to learn more.

Tower Safety™ RF Awareness Online Course  is OSHA compliant.

Our training assists the construction industry and personnel that encounter Radio Frequency on cell towers, rooftops and other workplaces.

Available in English, Spanish, and Russian