Competent Climber and Rescue Training

Tower Safety Competent Climber and Rescue Training Certification of Completion.

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The Tower Safety Competent Climber and Rescue course is designed to educate cell tower workers on a diverse range of fall protection and rescue equipment. Participants will learn the proper procedures for setting up tower rigging, executing cell tower patient rescue, understanding mechanical advantages, and mastering self-rescue techniques. The course also covers essential aspects of emergency care and risk assessment to ensure a comprehensive skill set for a safe and effective response in various scenarios.

Competent Climber and Rescue Training:
Competent Climber – Rope Education
  • Ropes: types, strength ratings, inspections and documentation
  • Knots & Hitches: Bowline, Clove, Prusik, Family of “8’s”, Munter Hitch, Clove Hitch
Advanced Rescue Systems for Competent Climber and Rescuer Cell Tower Workers:
  • Industrial descent devices – use, standards and regulations, inspections, ratings
  • Pulleys: types, applications, use
Raising and Hauling Systems for Rescue & Rigging Angles
  • Mechanical advantage – explanation, application, formulas, and simple vs. compound systems
  • Anchors: ratings, requirements, use, load sharing, and vector forces
  • Cross hauls and lowering systems
  • Load equalization
  • Rigging Scenarios on various cell towers, monopole, self-supporting, rope rescue
Competent Climber Training and Rescue Techniques The Competent Climber and Rescuer training program ensures comprehensive fall protection education, adhering to standards such as ANSI Z35, Z490, 10.48, and OSHA 1926 regulations, along with best practices. Students will acquire the skills to proficiently execute tower-based rescues, integrating rescue training into their daily Job Safety Analyses (JSAs) or Tailgate meetings. The curriculum covers fall protection in accordance with OSHA, TIA, and ANSI guidelines, providing a thorough understanding of safety protocols in the context of climbing and rescue operations.

Tower Safety Competent Climber


Tower Safety Competent Climber training


Tower Safety Competent Climber training


Tower Safety Competent Climber training


Indeed, this course is highly valuable for gaining a comprehensive understanding of various rescue techniques and ensuring safe climbing practices on cell towers. It equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of climbing and perform rescues in a safe and effective manner.