Competent Rigger Training -ANSI 10.48

ANSI 10.48 Competent Rigger Training Course

The Tower Safety The ANSI 10.48 – 2023 Competent Rigger course is meticulously crafted to encompass OSHA requirements governing safe construction rigging work practices in the United States, as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 29 Part 1910 and 1926. The course covers SubParts E, G, H, I, N, O, R, T, U, and V, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of safety protocols. Additionally, it aligns with TIA – 1019-A, TIA 222, and TIA 322 Standards, addressing the installation, alteration, and maintenance of antenna supporting structures and antennas. The ANSI 10.48-2023 Standards Criteria are integrated to focus on safety practices concerning the construction, demolition, modification, and maintenance of communication structures.

ANSI 10.48 competent rigger training, competent rigger course
ANSI 10.48 Competent Rigger Training

Rigging stands out as a paramount aspect in terms of safety and risk exposure in any construction project. Tower Safety places a significant emphasis on this crucial element in our Competent Rigger Course, recognizing its pivotal role in maintaining safety standards and mitigating risks on construction sites. Available for purchase the RRAT (Ropes N Rigging)  handbook through Amazon:

  • Rigging Plans
  • Mechanical Advantages
  • Unforeseen Forces
  • PrePlanning of rigging operations
  • Periodic and frequent inspection of tools and equipment
  • Monitoring of rigging work operations
  • OSHA Rules and Regulations
  • ASME B30
  • Capstan Hoist use and problem solving
  • Hand Signals – Download our free Crane Hand Signal chart

Students enrolled in our program receive the Tower Safety ANSI 10.48 RRAT (Ropes N Rigging) Handbook, designed to conveniently fit into a truck’s glove box for easy access and quick reference. This handbook serves as a comprehensive manual covering safe rigging practices, sling angles, crane hand signals, tag line angles, and details on Class  2, 3, and 4 rigging. It serves as a valuable resource for on-the-go guidance and reinforcement of essential rigging knowledge.

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Competent Rigger Training Classroom Learning Objectives

Competent Rigger: This course discusses the fundamentals of rigging.
It is designed for rigging and handling loads in wireless construction that must
adhere to the OSHA and ANSI/TIA 1019 regulations

  • Policies, OSHA, ANSI 10.48 standard, TIA 1019 and TIA 322 rigging regulations Tower Safety
  • Rigging Plans
  • Rigging Components
  • Rigging Identification
  • Center of Gravity
  • Steel Slings/Synthetic Slings/Rigging Hardware/Sling Protection
  • Recognize where the horizontal sling angles are located in a rigging triangle.
  • Determine how to calculate the load angle multiplier for slings.
  • Calculate sling tension when the center of gravity is in the middle of the load.
  • Mechanical Advantages
  • Load Factor
  • TIA 322
  • Capstan Rigging
  • Crane Hand Signals
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