ANSI 92.24 MEWP Training

Tower Safety ANSI 92.24 MEWP and Aerial Lift Training.

ANSI 92.24 MEWP and Aerial Lift Training.



Tower Safety MEWP Training

Tower Safety is the inaugural safety training and wireless cell tower company to join SAIA and the ANSI 92 committee in nearly five decades, we take great pride in our membership. We eagerly anticipate contributing to the education and advancement of the cell tower industry through our involvement with ANSI. Your safety and industry knowledge are of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to making meaningful contributions to standards and training within the field.

The Scaffold Industry Association (SAIA) serves as a secretariat for the ASC A92 Main Committee. These standards establish criteria for the manufacturers as well as aid the manufacturers, dealers, owners, users and operators of MEWP equipment to understand their various responsibilities.

The updated ANSI 92.24 training standards now mandate certification for individuals working in proximity to a MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) on the job site. This includes Supervisors, Occupants, and Operators. The revised standard incorporates both classroom and practical training components to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the following aspects:

1. Safe Operation: Proper use and operation of MEWPs to minimize risks.
2. Hazard Recognition: Identification of potential hazards associated with MEWP use.
3. Emergency Procedures: Response protocols in case of emergencies involving MEWPs.
4. Fall Protection: Implementation of fall protection measures while working with MEWPs.
5. Load Capacities: Understanding and adherence to load capacity specifications.
6. Site-Specific Training: Tailoring training to the specific job site and its unique challenges.
7. Regulatory Compliance: Awareness and compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

These updates ensure that workers and supervisors have the necessary knowledge and skills to safely operate and work around MEWPs on the job site.

A noteworthy amendment to the ANSI/SAIA 92.24 standard is the introduction of the term “Occupant,” along with its associated definition and a distinct set of standards. Occupants are now required to possess a foundational level of knowledge and training to ensure safe work practices on Aerial Lifts. However, it’s important to clarify that occupants are not authorized to operate the controls under normal circumstances; their control operation is limited to emergency situations only. To maintain safety, at least one worker must possess the necessary knowledge to operate the controls in case the designated operator is unable to do so during an emergency. This ensures a systematic and coordinated approach to emergency response on Aerial Lifts.

Participants in the ANSI 92.24 Aerial Lift Training will gain a comprehensive understanding of crucial aspects, including MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) rescue techniques, lifting angles, and a thorough comprehension of the ANSI 92.24 standards. The training program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure safe and efficient operations within the framework of established industry standards..

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