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Tower Safety MEWP Training

Tower Safety is the first safety training/wireless cell tower company to be a part of SAIA and the ANSI 92 committee in 49 years.  We are a proud member and look forward to us educating the cell tower industry by being a part of the ANSI.

The Scaffold Industry Association (SAIA) serves as a secretariat for the ASC A92 Main Committee. These standards establish criteria for the manufacturers as well as aid the manufacturers, dealers, owners, users and operators of MEWP equipment to understand their various responsibilities. “

The training standards in the new ANSI 92.24 now require certification for workers who are near a MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) on the job site, including Supervisors, Occupants, and Operators. Updates in the standard include both classroom and practical training to understand the following:

Safety rules, operation/function, placards, decals-start inspections, stability, hazards, weather hazards, controls, PPE, pre-inspections, and applicable manufacturer standards.

Another change to the ANSI/SAIA 92.24 is the addition of the word “Occupant,” which includes the definition and their new set of standards. “Occupants” are required to have a basic level of knowledge and training to work safely on Aerial Lifts. However, the occupant does not have authorization to operate the controls at any time, except in an emergency. At least one worker must have the knowledge to operate the controls in an emergency if the operator cannot.

Students attending the  ANSI 92.24 Aerial Lift Training will understand MEWP rescue techniques, Lifting Angles, and understanding ANSI 92.24 standards.

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