Cell Tower Inspection Course


Cell Tower Inspections and TIA Condition Assessment Training

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  1. Introduction to Inspections
    1. Tower Recognition
      1. Guyed
      1. Self-Support
      1. Monopole
      1. Concealment / Stealth
    1. Structural Members
      1. Type and Recognition
        1. Single Angle, Double Angle, 60° Angle, Schifflerized Angle, Solid Rod, Pipe, Flat Plate, Bent Plate, Channel, I-Beam
      1. Bracing Patterns
        1. X-Bracing, K-Bracing, Z-Bracing, Inner and Redundant Bracing
      1. Member Connections & Bolts
        1. Edge Distance, Gage Distance, Bolt Offset, Bolt Spacing
        1. Bolt type
        1. Fillet Welds
      1. Measurement
    1. Appurtenances
      1. Type and Recognition
        1. Panel, Dish, Omni, Dipole, Broadcast, Tower Mounted Equipment (TME), Lighting
      1. Linear vs. Discrete
      1. Feed Lines
        1. Coax, Elliptical, Fiber/Hybrid, Conduit, Lighting, Grounds
      1. Mounts
        1. Pipe Mount, Standoff, T-Arm, T-Frame, Sector Mount, Low Profile Platform, High Profile Platform, Exceptions
  • Inspection Tools
    • Type and Recognition
      • Hard/Soft Tape, Diameter Tape, Calipers, Fillet Weld Gage, Laser Range Finder, Ultrasonic Thickness Gage (UT), Theodolite, Tension Meter
    • Usage and Limitations
  • Scopes of Work
    • Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Maintenance and Condition Assessment.
    • Modification Inspection (MI) and Post Modification Inspection (PCI)
    • Structural Mapping
    • Mount Mapping
    • Tension, Twist, and Plumb
    • Anchor Rod Condition Testing
    • Site Acquisition Inspection
  • Administrative
    • Client Portal Services
    • Field Deliverables
      • Microsoft Excel Notes, Hand Notes, Photographs
      • Feedline Mapping
  • Tower Climbing Principles
    • Structure Specific Techniques
    • Advanced Work Positioning
    • Advanced Rescue Procedures





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