Tower Safety Training Books

Tower Safety Field Manual

Tower Safety’s training books encompass a wide range of essential topics for individuals engaged in climbing cell towers. These training materials are designed to benefit everyone involved in this field.

The Tower Safety Field Manual comprehensively addresses various topics crucial to cell tower workers. It includes in-depth information on OSHA regulations, ANSI standards, IEEE guidelines, fall protection, personal protective equipment (PPE), ladder safety, first aid/CPR, RF awareness, and many other essential aspects of tower safety.

  • Vital Aspects such as PFAS (Personal Fall Arrest Sytems)
  • PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Rope and Rope Log Management
  • Tower Climbers Knots, Bends, and Hitches
  • Ladder Safety
  • RF Awareness
  • Adherence to Industry Standards and OSHA Regulations for Tower Climbers
  • Pre-Climb Checklist
  • Guidelines for Electrical Safety
  • Explores Three Different Variations of Rescue Techniques

The Tower Safety Field Manual is essential for every cell tower worker and is a must-have resource.

Tower Safety training book

Ropes N Rigging – RRAT 

A comprehensive handbook on tower rigging. This manual is aligned with the latest standards, including ANSI 10.48-2023, OSHA, and ASME. Providing safe rigging of various equipment such as antennas, radios, and microwave dishes, and offers over 10 practical lift examples to enhance understanding and application.

  • Capstan Hoist Operations, Trouble Shooting, Inspection 
  • Detailed Rope Information / Rope Log
  • Updates on the ANSI 10.48 2023 
  • Tower Climbers Knots, Bends, and Hitches
  • Rigging Plans / Construction Plans
  • Gin Poles / Load Charts
  • Laws of Motion
  • Rules for Mechanical Advantage and Types of Mechanical Advantages
  • Kn vs lbs.
  • Shackles vs Carabiners

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 The Tower Safety training books are indispensable resources that every cell tower worker should have.