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Rigging with a Prusik_Tower Safety

  Mind your Prusik!!!! The Prusik hitch has been around since 1931 when Dr. Karl Prusik created it while mountaineering in Austria. It is a hitch secured to a tight line and will slide when not weighted on a tight rope but jams solidly upon loading. It is recommended to use 2-3mm diameter less than that of the rope size…

Capstan Hoist- A Dangerous Tool?

It has been 20 years since a devastating loss of a husband, step-son and employee were killed when a capstan hoist operated by the wife when ropes overturned on the drum as the men were being lifted on the load line, causing a  catastrophic failure of human lives. (  This story and many near misses happen frequently and some, unfortunately…

The Mindset of a Rescue

Rules for Rescuing- The Mindset of Rescue with Russ Dodge Evaluate Communicate Perform necessary First AID Position yourself close to the survivor Configure the lifeline properly with the descent devices Verify and Verify again all attachments before disconnecting Descend yourself or the survivor slowly and safely to the ground

Tower Safety and Rescue Video

Tower safety and rescue training video, to help save lives and have the courage to learn and the confidence to rescue at Identify, evaluate and eliminate (or control) fall hazards through planning Training of personnel exposed to fall hazards Understand installation and use of fall protection and rescue system Implement safe fall protection and rescue procedures   embedyt][/embedyt]