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A Day Before Christmas- Tower Technician Poem

A Day Before Christmas- Tower Technician Poem

A Day Before Christmas

By Kathy Gill/Tower Safety & Instruction
All through the school not a carabiner was clicking
Everything in order not a thing was missing
The ropes were hung by the tower with care
In the hopes the men would go up safely in the air
The students were nestled all snug in their desks
While visions of climbing danced in their heads while taking tests
The instructor in her work-boots and I in my reading glasses
Had just settled our brains for long winter classes
When out in the yard there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my desk what was the matter?
Away from the powerpoint I flew like a bat
Tore open the warehouse door and threw on my hardhat
The training tower glowing like midday lanyards in thin smogs
When my wondering eyes should appear, so does a small truck and eight tiny dogs
With a petite driver so lively and quick
I knew for a moment it must be the lunchlady, Miss Nic
More rapid than a foreman, with a whistle and a shout she called them by lad:
Now RJ, now Ro, now Tommy, now Sal, now Keith, now Chue, now John, now Brad!
To the top of the tower, where there is no headroom to haul
Climb away, climb away, climb away all!”
So up to the lunch counter-top they flew
With the truck full of redbulls, and Miss Nic too
She had a broad face and while smoking like a chimney
Laughing with her gut and stomped out her cigarette butt quickly
A wink of her eye and twist of the sauce
Soon gave me to know I was not at a loss
She spoke not a word but went straight to work filling every plate
And out of the gate, we all ate
With bellies full for the group
She sprang to her truck to her team gave a woop
With no GPS installed, they all speedily drove away
But I heard her exclaim, “Merry Christmas my Tower Technicians and have a great day!”

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