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Tower Safety and Telecom Technical College: Compassionate Education for Everyone

Telecom Technical College: Compassionate Education for Everyone

We’ve highlighted our involvement with several Arizona prisons in the past, and how we’re working with the Department of Corrections and DES and other officials to help ex-convicts get an education once they’re released. We feel this is very important work as part of our mission to improve our community through education and compassion. We provide compassionate education for everyone! rescue coursesI wanted to share our latest story with our readers so you can see how we help others with a new life and a new career every day. I was joined this past week by one of my colleagues, Ashley, as we visited two prisons in town to talk about the importance of education and the opportunities in the tower industry.  Ashley was very impressed with the work that we’re doing.  She thought everyone should experience this and understand how these men, who are incarcerated, had lost all hope in their future until we spoke with them She has a total different perspective now! These men are serving time for many reasons, yet the people we met were bright, intelligent men with a lot of potential.  We met so many veterans and non-veterans; they had master’s degrees and were electrical engineers, pharmacists, firefighters, and medics who made wrong choices and the word “felon” will be with them for forever.

At the first prison we visited, an 87-year-old man named paid cash for his son to attend the school when he gets out of prison soon.  I personally met his son; he has a law degree, was very nervous talking to me and was very, very, very excited to know he had opportunity for a career in wireless because he can no longer practice law.  I brought a set of books and will create online tests for him until he gets out and can perform the hands-on training needed to earn his certification of completion. Through education and compassion, we’re giving someone a second chance to have a positive influence on our community!

We then went to a second facility.  It was a resource outreach event at the Tucson Manzanita prison and they had 20 vendors show up; mostly Christian help groups, but every everyone is there to help.  We had a table next to the Catholic Diocese and Father Richard blessed me!

tower safety and rescue coursesThis week, our first ex-convict turned student, will be in class to get his climber certification, and I will take lots and lots of photos. I’m so proud! The state of AZ is contributing towards his education and we’re so excited to be a part of this! We believe everyone deserves a second chance and in giving them this opportunity, it speaks to our core values of education and compassion. We are about the students and getting them jobs through compassionate education for everyone!

There are so many capable, skilled individuals that just need the opportunity to excel. Whether they’re ex-convicts, veterans, or someone simply looking for a new career path, we’re proud to help these individuals find their way to a new career and new life. Stay tuned to updates and success stories that we’ll be sharing in the future, and a special thanks to DOC and DES for the roles they’ve played!

Do you know someone that needs a second chance to find a career they love and succeed in life? Please share our story with them. We’re more than a career college. We’re here to impact lives.

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