TelTech College’s founder Kathy Gill was recently featured in Inside Towers. The article, “Prison Outreach: From ‘Vet’ to ‘Con’ to Tower Dawg” talks about TelTech’s involvement in helping to turn around the life of one man and how education made all the difference.
Kathy recently visited the Manzanita Prison in Tucson. She was accompanied by Anthony Paz, a 10-year veteran of the wireless industry, owner of a fledgling tower company called Copper Sky Communication and a former nine-year guest of the federal prison system. They visited a group of inmates to talk about how Telecom Technical College helped to change his life through career training.
“The American Flag is everywhere,” Gill said, “eagles are flying on the walls and so much patronage to the United States, it’s sad to see so many veterans incarcerated.  We shook many veterans’ hands, said our hello’s to everyone and 100-plus men gathered around to listen to Anthony’s story.”
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