Competent Climber

Competent Climber and Rescuer Certification

Honesty, Accountability, Integrity

The Competent Climber and Rescue course teaches the cell tower worker on various fall protection rescue equipment and how to properly set up tower rigging, cell tower victim rescue, mechanical advantages, and self rescue, along with proper emergency care and risks.

Competent Climber and Rescue Training:

Competent Climber Cell Tower Rigging- Rope Education
  • Ropes: types, strength ratings, inspections and documentation
  • Knots & Hitches: Bowline, Clove, Prusik, Family of “8’s”, Munter Hitch, Clove Hitch

Advanced Rescue Systems for Competent Climber and Rescuer Cell Tower Workers:
  • Industrial descent devices – use, standards and regulations, inspections, ratings
  • Pulleys: types, applications, use

Raising and Hauling Systems for Rescue & Rigging Angles
  • Mechanical advantage – explanation, application, formulas, and simple vs. compound systems
  • Anchors: ratings, requirements, use, load sharing, and vector forces
  • Cross hauls and lowering systems
  • Load equalization
  • Rigging Scenarios on various cell towers, monopole, self-supporting, rope rescue

Competent Climber Field Training and Rescue Techniques A Competent Climber will be trained in fall protection and cell tower rescue practices. Students will know how to perform tower-based rescues and rescue training as they apply to the daily JSA’s or Tailgate meetings and fall protection according to OSHA, TIA and ANSI guidelines.





This is a great course for the basic understanding of a cell tower inspection.