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roper Installation of an AF Safety Climb
During the Tower Rodeo Challenge, two teams stood against each other to install an Allfasteners Safety Climb at 25’. One team took their time and managed to safely and successfully complete the challenge while the other team rushed their install. The goal was to install a quality safety climb but the team that rushed their safety climb improperly installed it. This poor installation, if used in practice rather than a challenge, could have seriously injured or killed someone.
Prior to the Tower Rodeo, Tower Safety created a “how to” video on the proper installation:

But in this video, I recommended reading the directions and then tossed the book, but why? Why do we need to take the time and do a proper installation? Because at the Tower Rodeo Challenge, two safety climbs were installed. While one was correct the other was installed fast, in a hurry and no one took the time to look through the photos of a manual.

Tower Safety is working with AllFasteners to establish a training program when purchasing an AF Safety Climb. We are creating a learning environment to help the industry install a safe, efficient, safety climb.