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Tower Safety_Wireless Family Needs Our Help

Tower Safety_Wireless Family Needs Our Help

The Bahamas Needs our Wireless Family Help!

A training trip to an island of pristine blue waters, Atlantis Tourist Attraction and Cruise Ships destinations lead to a learning lesson for the trainer.  These small, but brave group of tower riggers are needing our help with gear and our Tower Family Support.  These men are travelling to islands by themselves because of the lack of monies to afford a two-man crew. They have minimal rigging rope and rescue rope? What is that? They need MPD’s, blocks, trolley’s, lanyards, harnesses, grillions, carabiners, slings, rope, rope bags, and ALL the gear we take for granted and rely on! The trainer left behind the gear she brought and we all need to protect all our tower climbers, no matter where they are from.

In 2002, the Bahamas had 2 deaths and when you see a knowledgeable 30-year tower veteran like Olrick Sweeting relive the moment like it was yesterday and they are doing everything they can with so little to stay alive, it will make an impact on anyone.  These tower riggers want safety, they want to learn, they want the American ANSI/OSHA standards to protect lives.

Bahamas need our towersafety help

Bahamas need our help with gear rope bag or rope “box”

Bahamas need our Tower Safety help: please contact Charles Richardson 242-552-7677

For Donation Contact:

CeeMar Telecom- Charles


only Fedex/UPS shipments please to Nassau, Bahamas

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